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Learning Never Stops!

Your Skills

At Shoot United, we provide you with the most up to date teachings because the quest to constantly improve ourselves and our skills is a non-stop effort. No matter how far along you are in your shooting sports journey, this section has something for you!

Take Your Shot

Educational Series

The decision to buy a firearm and learn how to use it is not meant to be complicated. At Shoot United™, we’re building and sharing content that will cover important subjects such as how to buy a gun, common safety practices for gun owners, how to participate in shooting activities, where to shoot and more.



Shoot United events provide individuals an opportunity to learn and ask questions of knowledgeable firearm instructors in a welcoming environment, have fun with friends and family, and receive a supportive hands-on experience.


Find resources in your community to help you get started in recreational or competitive shooting. Find shooting ranges near you, learn where and how to buy ammunition and more.

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