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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Shoot United™?

Shoot United™ is a dynamic initiative designed to promote all that’s wholesome and healthful about the shooting sports and responsible firearm ownership. It’s time spent outdoors with family and friends. It’s competition. It’s one of the most fun and safe recreational activities in the country. Shoot United will release engaging content that will be shared nationwide through mainstream media. Shoot United will also release content through its own digital and social platforms. The content is meant to entertain, inform and foster a healthy and transparent dialogue. In addition, grassroots events will be coordinated throughout the United States for people to join with the mission to drive awareness and activate new participants to the sport.

How can I get involved in Shoot United?

Learn more at and stay engaged at the Shoot United social channels on (InstagramFacebookYouTubeTwitter). Sign up for the Shoot United e-newsletter, which will offer information on firearm ownership and how to get started/participate in all types of shooting sports activities. If you have specific questions for the Shoot United team, e mail them at

Who started Shoot United and why?

Winchester Ammunition is the founder of Shoot United and is wholly committed to this initiative with high expectations that it will bring new energy, excitement and participants to the shooting sports.

Why introduce Shoot United to get more people interested in shooting when people cannot currently find ammo to purchase?

The shooting sports is one of the most popular activities in the United States with more than 60 million people participating in the shooting sports each year (this is more than two-and-a-half times the number of people who golf). Ammunition manufacturers continue to work at an extremely high pace to keep up with demand. Ammunition products can be found for sale online as well as at retailer and dealer locations throughout the United States. Now is the time to support the millions of new gun owners and introduce them to responsible firearm ownership as well as the enjoyment of the shooting sports.

If I know someone who is interested or I want to introduce someone to firearm ownership and the shooting sports, what is a good first step?

People have different motivations when it comes to purchasing a firearm as well as its intended use. There are many resources in the shooting and hunting industry, including Shoot United, that are helpful for people who are first-time firearm owners and those who have never bought a firearm but have an interest. At, you can expect to find many resources that will be helpful in the journey of becoming a responsible firearm owner. Spend some time researching, ask questions and then … get started!

Other than Shoot United, what organizations promote the shooting sports for new/youth/or sport shooters who want to become more active?

Learn more about various organizations and shooting ranges that promote the shooting sports for all ages of participants at Examples include:


While there are many reasons people purchase a firearm, the three most popular reasons include:

  • To participate in target shooting sports with friends and family.
  • To compete in target shooting sports events.
  • For personal defense purposes.