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Take Your Shot Series

Becky Yackley

Each year, millions of Americans enjoy recreational shooting activities. With a wide range of opportunities, recreational shooting offers something for shooters of all ages and skill levels. The following recreational shooting videos guided by Becky Yackley are designed to introduce you to the world of rec shooting by teaching you how to get started. Get started by watching the videos below.


Intro to Take Your Shot


A common response among people trying shooting sports for the first time is, “I had no idea this could be so much fun!” “Take Your Shot” is designed to introduce you, and others, to the many types of shooting sports activities that are available as well as general how-to tips and advice when it comes to getting started, what gear is needed, safe gun handling practices and much, much more. You will also learn more about where people typically shoot and best practices when it comes to visiting a shooting range for the first time be it by yourself or with friends. Learn at your own pace and enjoy all that’s positive about shooting activities.

Four Rules of Firearm Safety


Recreational shooting is one of the most safe, fun and popular activities in the country, be it shooting paper targets with a handgun at an indoor range, plinking tin cans, or shooting clay targets with family or friends. Recreational shooting is informal, and if there’s competition involved, it’s usually against yourself to see if you can put just one more shot in the bull’s-eye or break just one more clay target. No matter what type of shooting you take part in, however, safety rules always need to be priority number one. This video covers the four key rules of firearm safety, types of recreational shooting, safety gear recommendations, and where new shooters can go to have their first experience shooting a gun.

Where to Start


It’s never been easier to get started in recreational shooting. There are countless resources available to people both online and at various venues. In this video, we’ll show you how to find shooting ranges and gun clubs near you. We also cover the types of firearms used in different kinds of recreational shooting. Learn about several great shooting-related organizations men, women and youth can belong to. We will also explain why not all fun gun-related activities involve pulling a trigger and sending bullets downrange.

Firearm Rules and Safety


No matter what type of shooting you take part in, when it comes to gun safety, participants are expected to know the rules and follow them. The vast majority of gun owners follow these common rules religiously, which is why participation in shooting sports is statistically very safe.

This video introduces you to key rules and principles of gun safety. You’ll learn firearm safety protocols and etiquette for indoor and outdoor ranges as well as some basic gun safety terminology.

Common Practices


Finding places to shoot is not as challenging as it may seem. Many communities have either private or public shooting facilities. Private ranges increasingly feature opportunities to rent a firearm in order to “try before you buy” and make sure the gun is right for you. You can also shoot on private land in rural areas where you have permission from the landowner or there’s land owned by the state or federal government that allows shooting activities. Learn more about the differences between indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, what to be mindful of before you make a visit, and what information is helpful to think about for the ideal experience.

This video also covers best ways to transport guns safely as well as things to keep in mind as you remove your gun from its case and handle it around others at a range.

On & Off Range Training


Enjoyment of shooting sports can begin even before you go to a shooting range. This video shares a few things you can do before heading to the range that will make everything go more smoothly for beginners and ensure everyone has a fun and safe time. Also, an explanation of “dry-firing” and how it can be beneficial.

Indoor Ranges


What kinds of shooting ranges are there and how should you go about finding them? What are the benefits of indoor shooting ranges? These questions are answered in this video, along with tips on how to use the expertise of shooting range staff to learn more about recreational shooting activities and opportunities near you.

Recreation: Lesson 4 – Range Rules


In addition to the four main rules of firearm safety, this video covers additional important information to help keep you and others safe at a shooting range and make the experience more enjoyable.


Find resources in your community to help you get started in recreational or competitive shooting. Find shooting ranges near you, learn where and how to buy ammunition and more.

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