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Shoot United is committed to promoting all that’s exciting and fun about shooting sports and hunting activities, as well responsible firearm ownership. Shooting offers something for everyone; whether that’s more time outdoors with family and friends, or scratching a competitive itch, you can pursue your passion knowing it’s one of the safest recreational activities in the country. Here, we’re your source for engaging and educational content, while helping you find ways to participate and learn at your own pace. This site is designed to introduce new and prospective participants to the shooting community in a welcoming and inclusive way.

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Recreational Shooting

World-class fun doesn’t mean you need to be a world-class competitor. Learn about all the different experiences recreational shooting can offer you, your family and friends.

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Competitive Shooting

The world’s best competitive shooters are ready to help you begin your journey. Our competitive shooting course gives you the knowledge, skills and tips you need to get started.

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Read our latest articles covering relevant and timely information in recreational and competitive shooting.

A Match Made at a Match

A Match Made at a Match

Zach Kienbaum and Desirae Edmunds are sporting clays’ original power couple, traveling the world,  winning competitions and serving as ambassadors for a sport on the …
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Shooting instructor helping a pistol shooter

Finding a Place to Shoot

As a new gun owner or somebody who has decided to purchase their first firearm, the next obvious question you need to answer is, “Where …
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Instructor showing a young person how to shoot

Get Ready to Take Your First Shot

Find resources in your community to help you get started in recreational or competitive shooting. Find shooting ranges near you, learn where and how to buy ammunition and more.