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Shoot United is committed to promoting all that’s exciting and fun about shooting sports and hunting activities, as well responsible firearm ownership. Shooting offers something for everyone; whether that’s more time outdoors with family and friends, or scratching a competitive itch, you can pursue your passion knowing it’s one of the safest recreational activities in the country. Here, we’re your source for engaging and educational content, while helping you find ways to participate and learn at your own pace. This site is designed to introduce new and prospective participants to the shooting community in a welcoming and inclusive way.

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Shoot United events provide individuals an opportunity to learn and ask questions of knowledgeable firearm instructors in a welcoming environment, have fun with friends and family, and receive a supportive hands-on experience. Whether you’re a new firearm owner, thinking about purchasing your first firearm, or looking to try out a new experience with friends and family, be sure to sign up for an upcoming Shoot United event.

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From shooting tips to range etiquette, our video library has a video for just about everything. Watch our latest uploads or search for a topic you’re interested in.

Take Your Shot

educational series

Young shooters watching an instructor shooting

Recreational Shooting

World-class fun doesn’t mean you need to be a world-class competitor. Learn about all the different experiences recreational shooting can offer you, your family and friends.

Competitive pistol shooter at the range

Competitive Shooting

The world’s best competitive shooters are ready to help you begin your journey. Our competitive shooting course gives you the knowledge, skills and tips you need to get started.

let’s talk shooting

Read our latest articles covering relevant and timely information in recreational and competitive shooting.

Watch It Break: Life of a Pro Shooter

Zach Kienbaum and Desirae Edmunds are sporting clays’ original power couple, traveling the world, winning competitions and serving as ambassadors for a sport on the rise.At the time they began competitively shooting in their teens, neither Zach nor Desi could have imagined how their individual passion for sporting clays would shape the trajectory of their lives, and upon meeting each other, transform into a shared love for the sport, and ultimately, for each other.

Get Ready to Take Your First Shot

Find resources in your community to help you get started in recreational or competitive shooting. Find shooting ranges near you, learn where and how to buy ammunition and more.

Instructor showing a young person how to shoot

The revolver has been around for more than 180 years and remains a favorite amongst many sport shooters.
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Shooting at the range with a friend is an unmatched experience. Tag a friend who you would take to the range. 😎 ...

@NikkiBoxler says that one of the best tools she added to her range bag is a timer. It helped her practice with a sense of urgency and helps her set new goals for herself.
What's one tool you recommend to new firearm owners?
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We had the privilege to attend the Scholastic Clay Target Program (@MySCTP) Nationals.

SCTP is the largest, fastest-growing, and most exciting youth clay target program in the US. They provide elementary through high school and college students the chance to compete in sports such as trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

Who's hoping to compete in the SCTP Nationals this year?

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The @SST_Ravens train hard and constantly persevere under tough weather conditions.
Watch "Ink in the Sky: The SST Ravens' Story" at the link in our bio, and learn about the incredible stories that brought them into the world of shooting sports.

@HerShootingJourney is a member of the Midland University shotgun sports team and a youth leader in the shooting sports.

The shooting sports is where youth can:
🥏 Work through productive challenges.
🥏 Develop important life skills.
🥏 Form bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

Learn more about SCTP at the link in our bio.

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We are presenting our first free event of 2023 at CrossRoads Shooting Sports on Saturday, March 4th! 🎉 There are only 30 spots available, so register for our Introduction to Pistol course now at the link in our bio!

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn about firearm safety, terminology, action types, calibers, and handgun shooting fundamentals, and spend time on the range.

This is a great opportunity if you're new to the shooting sports or want to expand your knowledge!

Hard work pays off. Great job training, Callie! 👏

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Do you have plans for Valentine's Day?
Try taking them to the range. 😎 It's a perfect opportunity to bring your significant other to try target shooting for the first time.

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